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Welcome to Buddy's Home Page

For the past 10 years I've owned these two humans. They're OK, I guess, at least I've got them trained to feed me, clean my litter box once in a while, and feed my other pets; Mr. Squirrel and the birds. I reciprocate by not scratching them and letting them sleep in the bed with me. I don't really like it when they insist on taking pictures of me, 'cause the flash doesn't make me look very dignified, but they take them because I'm doing something they think is 'cute'.

Anyway, since one of my humans has a web page, I suggested he place some of these 'cute' pictures there to take up some space. He took them with a 35mm (mostly a point 'n shoot) and scanned them with an AVEC 2400 (35mm). There's another section of shots taken with his SNAPPY, too. Now that he's got a digital camera too, he's decided to take more pictures of me (it's a good thing there's no flash) (D).


The Gallery

Click on the thumbnail to get a larger view (all are JPGs)

kitten1.jpg (35060 bytes)

My first day, I'm surveying .. looking for places to get into trouble. (35k) 35mm

bag.jpg (42683 bytes)

There's no place to hide for me. (42k) 35mm

buddrsr1.jpg (52277 bytes)

A favorite sleeping place when they open the door for me. (52k) 35mm

buddy1.jpg (41837 bytes)

(41k) 35mm

buddy3.jpg (29963 bytes)

(30k) 35mm

budsink.jpg (41774 bytes)

(41k) 35mm

budslp.jpg (78840 bytes)

(77k) 35mm

budtree.jpg (36635 bytes)

When Santa comes with the catnip, I'll be ready! (36k) 35mm

escape.jpg (27669 bytes)

Practicing for the remake of 'The Great Escape'.(28k) 35mm

perch1.jpg (40274 bytes)

(40k) 35mm

sun.jpg (52425 bytes)

Not now, I've got a headache. (52k) 35mm

sun2.jpg (41928 bytes)

Mmmm.. nice and warm, will you turn me over later? (41k) 35mm

catscan.jpg (37117 bytes)

Early CAT Scanner (37k) 35mm

budrsr2.jpg (34879 bytes)

(35k) 35mm

budtent.jpg (90360 bytes)

Out of my tent to spy on Mr. Squirrel (88k) D

(57k) D

03082001_ 001a.jpg (165255 bytes)

(161k) D

03072000_ 001a.jpg (122665 bytes)

Do you mind, I'm washing! (119k) D

03102001_ 001a.jpg (70990 bytes)

Watching Daddy work on the webpage (69k) D



Buddy's Cousin Lillian

Lillian1a.JPG (106257 bytes)

(104k) D

Lillian2a.JPG (114737 bytes)

(113k) D

Lillian3a.JPG (104905 bytes)

(103k) D


Snappy Scans

bud_snap_asleep1.jpg (51054 bytes)

It was very dark here, the noise is from the camera, I had to brighten the image considerably. (50k)

bud_snap_doll.jpg (15087 bytes)


bud_snap_bedroomwindow.jpg (52659 bytes)


This is my view of outside when I'm sitting on my perch in the picture above. (82k)


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