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Vital Statistics

Year Produced -- 1948

Nice of Philco to put the year with the model

Channels -- 10

A 10 position tuner with a separate coil set for each channel. It got loaded with 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,13 but I could tweak 11 and 13 to get 10 and 12

Two views of the coil set are here.

"Active Device" Complement
RF Amp 6AG5
Mixer 6AG5
Oscillator 6J6
1st Video IF 6AG5
2nd Video IF 6AG5
3rd Video IF 6AG5
Video Det. AGC Rectifier 6AL5
AGC Amp 7B6
Video Amp 6AG5
Video Output 7C5
DC Restorer 1N34
1st Audio IF 7H7
2nd Audio IF 7H7
Ratio Detector 6AL5
Audio Amp 7B4
Audio Output 7B5
Sync Separator 7B5
Sync Amplifier 7F8
Horizontal Oscillator 6SL7GT
Horizontal Output 6BG6G
Damper 5V4G
Vertical Osc & Discharge 6SL7GT
Vertical Output 6K6GT
High Voltage Rect 1B3GT
Low Voltage Rect (2) 5U4G
Picture Tube 10BP4

Chassis Weight -- 40 lbs

Interesting Notes

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