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Vital Statistics

Year Produced -- 1948

Channels -- 12

"Active Device" Complement
RF Amp 6J6
Mixer 6AG5
Oscillator 6J6
1st Video IF 6AU6
2nd Video IF 6AU6
3rd Video IF 6AU6
Video Det. AGC Rectifier 6AL5
Video Amp 6AU6
DC Restorer / Sync Separator 6AU6
Audio IF 6AU6
Ratio Detector 6AL5
Audio Amp 6AT6
Audio Output 25L6
Horizontal Multivibrator 12SN7
Horizontal Amp 12SN7
Vertical Multivibrator 12SN7
Vertical Amp 6SL7
High Voltage Oscillator 25L6
HV Rectifier 1B3
Low Voltage Rect 25Z6
Picture Tube 7JP4

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