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Sony Watchman FD-2A

This is what happens when you try to run a 6V TV on 12V. Well, it did let out a puff of smoke and blew the CRT heater. My wife had the cigarette lighter adapter set on the wrong voltage. Question: What does it mean when smoke comes out? I took it apart to see what's inside. I'm not sure anything is salvagable, except for the tuner, at least the terminals are marked with their functions. Where's that build your own spectrum analyzer article? The wife bought another one to replace it and we still have it. The date on that one is sometime in 1988.

The best part of this set was that you could turn off the picture and listen only to sound, really saving the batteries. The back of the PCB contains 4 SMT IC's.

TV guts

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Last updated 12/07/96